Oil filter torque setting for A4 B8 2.0 Tdi CAHA engine ONLY


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Nov 17, 2014
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With the help of forum guides and YouTube, I have just done my first oil and filter change ever. Well pleased.

My car is a UK registered 2010 A4 2.0 TDi.

I had no previous experience of doing anything mechanical until a couple of days ago so so using a torque wrench is brand new to me!

The position of my oil filter is in a different location to every other guide I have found, towards the back-right of the engine, and sunk about 10 inches.

I took some pictures here:


The oil filter for my car is a cartridge type, part no. 071115562C with a 32mm nut on top.

I removed and replaced the oil without issues, replacing the sump plug at the specified 30nm with my new torque wrench.

However in putting in the new filter, I have not been able to set the torque on the oil filter because it is set at an angle leaning towards the engine.
I can't apply my wrench directly to the nut because the head of the wrench makes contact with the engine. I have tried using an extension bar, but due to the angle cant get a clean connection on the nut because of the pipes pictured getting in the way (pic3).

I have tightened it reasonably tightly with a wrench, but have no idea how tight *25nm is. I tightened is as much as I was comfortable without risking cracking the plastic.

Any advice for next time for a complete amateur would be welcome.
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Set the torque wrench to 25 Nm, hold it at same distance from the socket as the length of your wrench.

Now apply the wrench to any large nut that's already tight. Get a feel for how hard you need to pull it to get it to click. Then use your wrench and pull it the same amount.

You can use scales designed for weighing luggage, so long as you match the distance and the pull you cannot go wrong.
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Thanks. That's really useful. Wasn't sure if I was missing a tool or technique.