Oil drinking A4 tfsi b7


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hi I'm fairly new to the forum, I've bought an A4 Quattro around 6 weeks ago and it has drunk a litre of oil in 1150 miles since its last service done by the previous owner with receipts is this normal or is the there an underlying problem?
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I've got the same problem.
£2500 fix.
Common fault on these engines.
I'm doing 650miles per litre of oil.
Could be worse.


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It is well documented issue across all the 2.0tfsi in the B7 & B8 's etc, you'll either have a drinker or not , but audi quote in the owners manual that the engine can depending on how the car is used / driven anything upto 0.5 litres of oil can be used per 600klm, so your around normal, nothing to worry about.