Oil Dipstick For B8.5 S4


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My dipstick has been fitted to my S4 since I bought it, 2.5 years ago, the plug thing is kept safe in a poly bag along with the wheel nut covers removal tool and the security key for the wheel nuts - in the net storage area in the RHS of the boot space - I do remove it when submitting the car for servicing though. There used to be lots of warnings about these dipsticks melting coming from USA, but I seem to remember that USA was probably late in getting cars fitted with plastic dipsticks, I think that TDI engines got them first and they were not too popular in USA. Plus, I think that there was at least one VAG engine where the guide was shortened coincident with not fitting a dipstick - that also generated some internet misinformation.


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Just ordered mine now. :)


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Part 06E115611H does fit - I only use when carrying out an oil service and it is accurate. Will fit pretty much all V6 engines inc the 3.2 A4.
You can order from Stoke Audi but they charge £5 postage - http://www.stokeaudi-parts.co.uk/products/Audi-Dipstick-%2d-06E115611H.html

Pic attached of the part. No idea why Audi don't fit these. The bung they manufactured instead probably costs more to produce than the dipstick!

Has anyone that has a B8/B8.5 3.0 TDI V6 (2013) confirmed that Part 06E115611H fits and gives the correct level.