Oil consumption


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2003 A4 TDi 1.9.....I've just had the oil level indicator come on today, checked the dipstick and sure enough it was low which is of concern as I had an oil change done at a local garage 5000 miles ago, it took one litre to bring it up to the correct level, is this normal ? the oil is Castrol Edge 5/30.

Mike B

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Dont think you should worry cos the owners book says to expect some use but I would check regularly and not wait for the light which I regard as awarning for forgetfull drivers.My 2.5 TDI came with a pouch to hold a spare litre which made me think but so far done over 2000 with no top up needed .Its a long time since I last carried spare oil when I bought a new Vauxhall which used 1 pint every 200 miles!which I was told was normal but most cars leaked oil then so it was hard to tell what they were burning.My previous A4 was a B5 1.8 which never showed any drop in oil level in 10k between services but I still checked regularly in case of leaks because I once had an oil filter split on me a long way from home and only noticed when checking at services and just managed to limp back with some top ups.