Oil consumption on 2.4 V6

Blue Oval

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Hey guys, I think from Googling this may actually be normal, but just wanted to check... :)

I've done about 3,000 miles in my Cabriolet since I got it and have had to top the oil up three times, the last lire I put in lasted about 850 miles before it needed another litre chucking in. The car drives absolutely fine, no smoke, no leaks.

Is this normal, or excessive, even for this thirsty engine?

At this rate I'll never need to bother actually changing the oil.... ;)


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Check your rocker cover gaskets, they go hard over time and weep oil. I am about to do mine for same reason.


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My 2.4 cab has 90k on it and it used 1ltr in 6k miles after I bought it. After servicing and using fully synthetic oil I've done 3k and don't appear to have used any oil. Could be oil quality, could be worn bits if high mileage, or variable service intervals used. Have you checked for leaks on the engine undertray?