oil consumption audi s5


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Hi ,
I have done 2400 miles and found this




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Not an S5.. but 2.0 TFSI 190 here and done 1700 miles, and still at 100%.

90% city driving.

I followed the recommended "running in" procedure in the manual - not sure if that matters


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.... you've used some oil but it's still above the lower "warning" level? So is OK still?

Or is it something else?


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As a new car it'll take some "bedding in". My experiences have been quite varied - my last car didn't need any top ups yet the car before (another Audi) did like it's oil for the first 30,000 miles!

I'd just keep an eye on it and see if stays where it is now or continues to drink the oil.

PS sat on the car waiting for Buck Jr. so just checked mine and it shows it at the max with 3900 miles done so far.


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Mine does this quite regularly, generally if I start the car for a few seconds to move it on the drive, it returns to normal after a few miles on a normal journey.

Is this the first time you've checked it, if so take it for a proper drive and check it again, if it's anything like mine it will return to full.

It's like checking a dipstick immediately after turning your engine off, it would read low as the oil hasn't drained back to the sump.


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The recommendation, in the days of dipsticks, if anyone can still remember, was between the upper and lower marks anyway...