Oil Change


Hi Guys,
Anyone done an oil change yet on a 2009 A4 2.0 FSI T ?
How straightforward is it ? Does the engine cover just pull off so as to get at the oil filter which is on the top of this new engine ?
The oil filter looks to be a spin on type. Does it leak oil down the front of the engine when removed or has most of it drained away once the sump is empty?
Did you remove the oil by sucking it out via the dipstick tube or by removing the sump plug ? If the latter is the undershield easy to remove?
I imagine the fact that there is no dipstick and the level is measured via the display is a bit inconvenient for double checking the level when refilling with fresh oil.
Does anyone know if a dipstick can be obtained for this new engine?
Just got a new A4 2.0 FSI T so don't need to do an interim oil change yet but just interested to see what the job is like.
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