Oil Change With Service Light Reset


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This is the procedure for an oil filter and oil change including the service light reset for a "long life service".

If you don't want to take it to a dealer and intend keeping the car, the reset tool is good value for money, and a simple job:thumbsup:


You need to remove the bonnet and remove the undertray



Remove the engine cover to access the oil filter cartridge cover



Undo the filter cap and extract the filter


Try to fit a filter that is genuine as the layers of perforations will be the same as the dirty one (genuine filter). Not like the aftermarket one shown (clean filter) as it may be different and therefore the level of filtration could be less, especially crucial on long life service intervals.

This is the correct filter for Audi

Undo sump plug and drain in the normal manner

Refitting is the reverse as they say in the Haynes manual.
Making sure the new filter is in place and the plastic lid is hand tight, the sump plug is tight and a new sump plug washer is fitted if required

The reset tool is a Sealey VS862


You simply plug it in under the drivers steering column and follow the simple instructions in the booklet or onscreen prompts.






It doesn’t take this long unless you are taking photos!!

I hope this helps

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Firstly sorry for all my pics being blanked out. Its due to 10+GB of bandwidth exceeded on my MK1 golf rebuild. It will be back tomorrow

Anyway I have attached the Audi oil filter part number used. It is a Purflux filter.



Pic will be displayed tomorrow...
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I am starting to do oil services once a year even though the variable service isn't due, but as i went to the Ring this year and did a couple of 1000's miles around Switzerland, i thought it was best. Outside the holidays in Europe it does about 4 miles a day. So an oil change now and one more before the 2nd trip to the ring in June 2010.

I replace the oil with Shell Ultra Extra (long Life) and i swapped the sump plug for a magnetic one. You don't seem to get these on cars these days with all the cost cutting in the manufacturing process, however I didn't use the cheap Ebay ones for 2 reasons.

1: I don't know how well the adhesive will hold the magnet over a prolonged period, (as they are all just stuck into the centre of a bolt).
2: Cheap magnets loose performance as they get hot, and dump the metal fillings back in the sump as they lose magnetic power (i didn't know that either).

So i went for the Dimple magnet.


The magnetic drain plug supplier, have a look at the videos if you want any convincing.:icon_thumright:


Audi are now changing away from the zig zag filters from Perflux and changing it for a straight forward filter element. So on the hunt for a very high quality filter i chose the Mann Filter (OE supplier to BMW) and with a few filtration processes that provide very tight tolerance manufacturing. Waaaay better that Fram etc.

Notice the lack of plastic compared to other filters on the top and base as they use less to add filtration and reduce plastic use (some eco thing i understand)



When I do a service in June i will take a pic of the drain plug when i remove it, and see if the internals are ok. :hi:
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