Oil Change / Service light question - TDI Sportback 2011


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Hi All

I just had a very quick question about the Oil Change / Service light indicator on my TDI Sportback 2011.

I noticed when I started the car yesterday the DIS said "service in 1100 miles". So i pulled out the stick to get more info from the DIS, and it just says 'Oil Change' in 1100 miles.

My question is, do I need to get this done at an Audi garage so that they can clear the service message on the DIS, or can any garage do this this?

Many thanks


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Had mine serviced recently at my Audi Indy they reset the service indicator so it's not JUST Audi who can do it.

Not too sure whether ANY garage can do it though.


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Any half decent Indy garage worth their salt would be able to reset the indicator after a service, to be honest a whole host of cheap scanning tools can reset it.. Not that I recommend those but still!

Only just changed to a car with the new DIS myself so I can't be certain, but the older ones you could reset the indicator yourself with a sequence at ignition, I imagine there is a way to do this with these also, looking in the handbook will tell you how


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I'm pretty sure that a 2011 car would need to be reset with a diagnostic tool, The buttons within the speedo/rev counter won't do it,(not on my '09) but most garages should be able to do this, maybe ask if they can do it when booking it in for the service ?


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Takes 2 seconds using vcds, I'll do it if you're local or wanna come to me...