Oil catch can 19mm where from?


Hi guys/gals not been on in a while, moved into our own place, not had Internet ect ect

i may be selling up due to having to do a lot more miles on top of all the new bills and stuff

so I have decided to sort it's problems out and going to start with the pcv leaks, going to simplify it and use catch can, but where can I get one from? I have found loads on the bay but none have 19mm inlet and outlets

Many thanks for all your support over the last year and a half ish
this is by far the best forum around and everyone is great

much love Ronnie


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I used a 15mm one and used the **** hose supplied as a sleeve so 19mm hose clamped tight been fine for a good while now mate


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Awesome gti do a smart looking stealth can and integrated engineering do one also


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Mate, just buy an cheap black ebay one and just put some synthetic wire wool inside it which you can buy from B&Q/Homebase for about £3 - and it wont rust.
You'll be able to buy the catch can, t-piece, clamps, and hoses for the cost of just that catch can linked above.

Your selling the car anyway, so dont go mental.


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