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Oil burners - v - Petrol power .

I'm Just Rob. Jul 10, 2017

  1. I'm Just Rob.

    I'm Just Rob. Moderating or something, Staff Member Moderator Gold Supporter VCDS Map User

    Well then chaps, as you'd probably relised by now i'm am a bit biased towards petrol power with the internal combustion engine in what ever form that may take.
    I don't mind diesels , I have had a few in the past, but never really found them to have that something special if you get my drift.
    The last diesel I tried that was a bit nippy was an A6 Quattro Allroad that west London audi let me have for a few weeks whilst they fixed my old bus, and I must say it was a nice car.
    Now I still have this almost new A4 2.0tdi s-line avant and after a week its is growing on me, for a 2.0tdi it does really fly, now its not on par with my old bus but If I was thinking of changing sides to the oil burner brigade again this would be a good reason .
    I don't really like the overall styling to be honest of the car and that applies to 99% of most audis now and other brands but from a performance and driving viewpoint it is a nice car, stick it in dynamic mode and its away like a scolded cat...lol.
    So still stuck with it for another week and by next Monday it will have probably grown on me even more, by then would it have swung my mind, probably yes, would I buy one , probably no but that's down to styling etc but the engine is great.
    with all this info to hand now i'm almost inclined to look again at a well sort B7 oil burner avant ,not to replace the trusty tfsi old bus but to use as an alternative.
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  3. Mart838

    Mart838 Registered User

    Have been lent a Mercedes gl63 amg sport whilst the wife's e class amg is being repaired.
    Omg its amazing how fast 2.5 tonnes can shift with a 550bhp 5.5 litre twin turbo engine under the bonnet.
    Makes my 3.2 v6 quattro feel slow....but only on the straights, would still kick its **** around the bendy bits.
  4. DieselJake

    DieselJake Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Fair enough, that all makes sense but I'm not sure why you would want two b7 avants?

    In terms of performance a 2.0t will (and I hate to say it) walk a 2.0tdi, the newer 190bhp one's are a far closer match but even still I'd bet against them. Would be a bit closer if the diesel was mapped but then if the 2.0t was mapped too... Not trying to put you off it's just I wouldn't buy a diesel with a 2.0tdi engine or smaller based on the performance, I know allot of people say diesels are quicker around town but you'd really want a 3.0tdi if your interested in the performance of a diesel rather than the economy.

    This is all coming from someone with a fairly quick 1.9tdi, unfortunately I know there's a limit to what smaller diesels can do unless you throw silly money at them, the 170bhp 2.0tdi map to around 200 I think but theirs not much more you can do without allot of cash as the turbo is the limiting factor from what I recall.
  5. Baka

    Baka Registered User

    I'm not sure what you'd gain Rob. The TFSI B7 is already a practical, reasonably economical, quick everyday car.

    Half the reason I love the TFSI is the fact it has some of the nicer diesel traits. Buckets of torque from 1800rpm and decent fuel economy. With the bonus of revs, flexibility, a nice(ish) noise and easy tunability.

    You could drive your nice petrol one 36,000 miles for the price of a half decent diesel B7. And that's before you've even taxed, insured or put devil juice in it. Plus you'd have 2 B7's for expensive bits to constantly fall off and break. :D

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