Oil and filter Change


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Ok, I've just changed the oil myself having reached 1000 miles. First off, my dealer wanted £19.50/ Litre of Castrol Edge RS 504. 507 5W 30w and quoted 8L required.

I got 8L of the same oil from Opie Oils delivered to my door for £54 - lots of options from Opie but I thought i'd use the same as recommended by the dealer!

The whole job is fairly easy to do, and the oil filter is a cartridge paper type housed at the front top of the engine in front of the turbos. The under tray has to come off to access the sump and there is no dipstick.

So, remove the under-tray (note not all screws are the same so take note what goes where!). There are lots of torx head screws (T25) around the edge of the under tray including a hidden one in each inner wheel well. Remove all torx bolts and finally the 2 x 13mm bolts and the under-tray will come off.

There is an obvious sump plug which is also a torx (T35-ish). Remove the oil filling cap from the topside before draining oil or you wont get it all out. Once flow has stopped, crack open the oil filter housing and you'll release any residual retained oil. You should have a good 7L plus of old oil.

Replace the cartridge oil filter (comes with a new o-ring for housing), replace new sump plug and washer. You could probably get away with a new washer only but for £2, I used a new plug too. Top up you oil (7.5L) DO NOT ADD 8L right away. Replace oil cap, start and run for 2 mins to check for leaks.

Refit under-tray, lower the car and makes sure its level and check the oil level on the electronic display. If you added 8L it will show full but there may not be an over-filled indication hence why I advise only filling with 7.5L initially. This put mine and 4/5 full and knowledge it hasn't been over-filled.

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I'd go with Motul Specific myself and I'd use an extractor to change the oil from the top via the dipstick. I'm sure it's there just like on the B8/8.5's. Mine's hidden under the driver's side intake duct and it doesn't have an actual dipstick, just a plug. Has to be one somewhere. The extractor method is so much easier. No removing the under tray. No getting your hands dirty. All done from the top.

Now on the B9, it may all be moot if it's harder to get to the dipstick than it is to jack the car up and remove the under tray . On the B8.5, the under tray is a pain in the ****.

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Main dealer prices for basic servicing such as an oil change on RS & S models are horrific !!!. Can't work out why?'' yes they may have a couple more cylinders maybe & need an extra litre or so of oil but the extra charge !!!!!!.:scared2:


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Dealers make their money on things like routine servicing and brake pad/disc changes - nice easy bread n butter work.

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Here's a video I did of the top extraction method for oil changes. There's an initial cash outlay for the tools but it probably comes out being less than what a dealer charges for one change.