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  1. Trig0r

    Trig0r Pretend Hairdresser

    Seems pretty quite in this part of the forums..

    There not many TT owners on here?

    Been given a Mk1 TT, bluey colour, 118k..

    What tricks are there that i can do with it, change displays stuff like that, sure I read somewhere that I can get it to display other stuff on the OBC other than radio station and the fact that the washer bottle leaks like a mofo...
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  3. dzTT

    dzTT Active Member

    not man TT owners on here I don't think.
    Joing up with the TT Owner Club they have a seperate forum for club members with plenty of stuff on there or the TTForum.co.uk

    changing the waterbottle is a relatively easy one, if it the bottle thats leaking and not one of the pipes, then it mioght get a little bit trickier. on the TTForum there is a 'Knowledge Base' section for each mk of TT, in there I'm sure there is a step-by-step guide on changing out most things.

    If you're wanting a little more noise from the car, google WakBox. I did it to my mk1 and it gives a nice low end growl
  4. Trig0r

    Trig0r Pretend Hairdresser

    Not man, I presume thats a typo and not a pointer at the car being for girls :lol:

    Sorted the water bottle out yesterday with a bit of glue and electrical tape, the rubber bung was a bit lose, I'll swap it out properly once I get a new alien pump.

    Already a member over on the TT forums but given I dont want the bloody car in the first place I'm hanging out (!) here on the S3 forums mainly as that's where I wanna be, just waiting for the right car to come along..

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