Oh dear, back in an S3


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I said I'd never do it again but couldn't help myself.

Bought a 2002 S3 with quite a lot of the options ticked by the looks of it, parking sensors, rns-d , heated leather, automatic rear view mirror, factory cruise control..

And the best thing about it is that it's not rotten !!!

Service history is the most comprehensive of any car I've ever seen, well over 40k worth of history in parts and servicing.

Strange thing about it is in the service book, it is first stamped in Germany but the first owners address is in Jersey. Seems quite odd. Are everyone else's stamped UK for the handover stamp?

Looking forward to getting back to asking about why things aren't working on it soon.


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Congrats - I said the same thing 10 years ago - swapped mine for a Cayman S. That was fun for a while and then other cars since
Had a big birthday and thought - why not - and bought another one - same 2002 S3

I reckon your first question will be about handling.......


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Congratulations with your new car. The original S3 is certainly feeling a bit dated these days compared to newer models. Having said that it still looks great. Get some pics up when you can!

My car was supplied new to its previous owner by Hereford Audi and the stamp in the book for handover is the same as the supplying dealer on the invoice. Maybe your car is an import?


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I said I would not have another one yet after a 5 year break, I find myself back in another!!!!
There's just something about them, I cant stay away!! This is now my 5th S3 8l


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Curiosity got the better of me and I've contacted the first owner on Facebook.

He bought it when the euro was at 1.65 and picked it up in Germany, drove to Paris then onto Jersey. Which explains why it's not got the usual rot as it's a slightly warmer climate.

He paid 26k for it with all the options ticked brand new, would have been well over 30 odd over here.


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Had another email from the original owner with some pictures from collection day in Germany if anyone is interested.

Wonder how many other S3's have transported a Nun ?

"This is when I picked up the car.

I flew to Bremen early and drove all the way home using the (state of the art) Sat Nav via my Great Aunt’s convent in Belgium where she was a nun (enclosed – never went outside) - it was the only surprise visit she ever had, blew her away and Paris which I’d never seen before

I got to St Malo at about 4am and slept in the car two hours waiting for the ferry. Best road trip I ever had. Fast too! 155mph! The dealer told me the car didn’t need to be run-in and I didn’t ask twice"



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Thought I'd update this a little..

When the car arrived to me, the slave cylinder was dead, so box out time and replacement clutch and flywheel etc.

Most of the breather pipes in the bay had died too, even the intake pipe was split.

Replaced everything that was knackered and installed a catch can too.

Purchased a MTC intake hose but to be honest the quality is good, just that the ports don't sit quite right, with the n75 almost touching another outlet.
Anyway fitted it and drove it for a few months.
Few months of trouble free motoring then started to get a little bored with it .
Flashed a stage 1 map onto it and then remembered how much fun these things are with a little extra boost.

Got a colour MFA fitted by AR Ditta as always wanted one, also an S3 plate.

Convinced my mate to buy an S3 too

Exhaust was next on my list so I spent a while browsing eBay and Facebook until one turned up. Ended up with a full Tony Banks custom with a 3 inch downpipe included too. Great price and quality.

Found a badger 5 3 inch tip on eBay without the ally trumpet for £15 so had that, purchased the trumpet thing from Bill.

Got a new unit with a couple of friends then set about swapping downpipe, exhaust and various gubbins.

After this was done I spotted a RNS-E on Facebook marketplace, local and cheap with discs and code. Couldn't say no.

Turned out to be a nightmare due to mine having RNS-D already with hidden TMC box, canbus wires which needed to be joined together etc.

It's all in and running, although just waiting on a diversity adapter from Germany for the aerial amplifier in the boot as the RNS-D ran off a different thing yet again.

Fitted the 18s which came with it from the factory along with CB Autos spacers. Amazing quality chunks of metal.

Fitted a leon MK1 light switch as I wasn't paying S3 tax for one

Couple of piccies, will be getting it out of the unit this weekend and taking it for tracking.
Then booked into Unicorn for a custom map.

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Looking good, need to swap my 3" system for a good quality one shortly, how was it changing the downpipe?


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Looking good, need to swap my 3" system for a good quality one shortly, how was it changing the downpipe?
Honestly not as bad as expected, if doing it on your back like me give yourself plenty of time. Took about 10 hours altogether.

There's an excellent video on YouTube by BWS TT which guides you through it