Official: Darling says recession now likely

We've been in a recession for 6 months in the real world outside of the public sector.
To be fair to mr darling he inherited a poisoned chalice from that f--king cretin gordon brown and my prediction is the economy will not get better in the 2nd half of 2009. I would say will be lucky to pull out of this mess by the 2nd half of 2010.
Excuse my language but "No Sh*t Shirlock" boy this guy is sharp. slightly worrying as he is in charge of our Finances.

****** right.....Gordon Brown has simply wasted so much of our hard earned cash its unbelieveable........prudence my **** !

I feel quite sorry for Darling, as anything he does will obviously be scrutinised to the nth degree, challenged and probably completely rewritten by the control freak Brown....

I am quite simply sick of the whole lot of them, Tories an all........

If I managed my own bank account like the cretins we have in government have managed the UK economy I would be living on skid row by now !
to listen to this government spout on about getting people back to work you would think they had been recently elected. they have had power for ten years and now when the country is in financial turmoil with people losing there jobs left right and centre including me my last day is christmas eve. they think they are going to get people off benifits and in work. they are an absolute disgrace and a joke. the stark truth is they have not got a clue there answer to every problem is to throw tax payers money at it.they are showing the same level of compitance as the investers and edge fund managers that got us in this mess in the first place it realy is time for them to go and the sooner the better
I think you'd have to get up about teatime to catch Mr Darling out

So, on a more serious note.
Does he dye his eybrows or hair?
There is no way that can happen naturally.:no:
Gordon Brown is not as bad as people think. I mean, he managed to shift that almost worthless gold didn't he?
I mean, what are we going to do with it, make Jewelery?

A round of applause for the one eyed Jockock I say!
Been laid off twice in 6 weeks, Labour can go **** themselves useless shitbags.

(scuse my french)