Offer: Discounted vouchers for use in Curry's/PC World/Goldsmiths...etc


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Most of us on here like Expensive watches, big telly's and that kind of stuff, so if any one is planning to buy something from the following shops, PM me and i can sort you some vouchers at a discounted price.

this way you can go into the store and still negotiate further discount, happy in the knowledge you have paid less for your vouchers in the first place..

-Goldsmiths vouchers 10% discount (ie pay £900 for £1000 worth of vouchers)
-Ernest Jones Vouchers 10% discount (ie pay £900 for £1000 worth of vouchers
-Dixons, Currys, & PC World. 8% discount (ie pay £1840 for £2000 vouchers)

if any one is interested then drop me a PM and i will arrange them to be sent for £5 delivery

Appreciate it will mean you sending me a stack of money, but i been on here for years so dont plan to stiff anyone !!

any how its on ebay if you prefer to buy thru there


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I get the same offers through work mate, i even get 5% off asda petrol vouchers!


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As a side note: Goldsmiths will only give discount on CASH sales over about £2000, and then generally only on a slow day when it doesn't look like they're going to hit the daily target (my girlfriend worked there for 2 years...)