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A new complete key is about £150 from a stealer(includes coding and cutting). You need to take id and your v5.

If it is just the buttons that are getting tatty, you can get key-fobs from ebay for very small money. The "button" section seperates from the "key" section, and can very easily be diy coded to your car. It's the immobiliser section which is a ****** to re-code, and it is this part that is part of the "key" section. So, use your old "key" section with a re-coded "button" section and it's as good as a "new" key.

Make sure that the part no of the ebay key matches the part no of your key - 8Z0 837 231 D 433.92MHz

I bought one from ebay, and the "button" section works perfectly, but even the dealer could not get the "key" section programmed to my car.