OEM Windscreen


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I've been reading some older threads on this topic but none of them seemed to provide a definitive answer.

I'm in the process of claiming a new windscreen (insurer is Admiral, fitting by Autoglass).
I have stipulated that I wanted OEM glass fitted. Autoglass spoke to Admiral and they have denied the request as the vehicle is over three years old (it is 3 years and 2 months).

As such they will not provide an OEM replacement. After spending an hour on the phone to Admiral arguing my case, I haven't got anywhere.
Has anyone had any luck overcoming this hurdle?

I'm not looking to turn this thread into 'Autoglass are ****' / 'no difference between OEM/Non-OEM' etc etc...but any useful advice would be greatly appreciated.


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As above. This was the agreement I had with Autoglass but when I got the invoice it was only for the access so somewhere along the line Axa agreed to pay the lot. Car was 2 yrs 2 months old at the time.

May be dependant on the cost of your OEM screen ie if it has lane assist camera brackets etc. Mine was acoustic only with rain sensor and think it came in at just over £300 from Audi parts.


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Mine is acoustic with a sun strip.
Admiral said if I went privately they would only contribute £50.

I will ask if there is an option to pay the difference between the aftermarket cost and OEM.