OEM Suspension and springs


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Aug 20, 2011
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My car is currently on coilovers and the ride is just to firm and low. i want to replace them with the original shocks, where best to buy them and roughly how much will they cost?
Cheapest way is buy a used set from eBay because at dealer prices (which will be the source of the springs at least if not the dampers too) you may as well go for Bilstien B8's and a 25/30mm drop... these will give a better ride than OEM and coilovers and not be too low either... I run these dampers with 30mm Apex springs and the car sits nice, handles well and is very comfortable..

s3 or a3?

as you need adjustable tie arms for anything lower than 20mm on an s3 dont you tuffty?
If the OP is running coil overs one would imagine he already has them... if not then it would be advisable to get some...

Raising the coilovers will make it much comfier. Even half way down I found coilovers more comfy than OEM.
Dunno about the eBay ones... I bought mine from a member on here... I had Eibach Pro's originally but they didn't lower the back the same as the front and looked odd...

I didn't measure them but the car looks like this on them...


I'll have a full set of S3 OEM shocks and springs for sale (front springs are only 10k old, rest are 59k) once my coilies have been fitted. Won't want much for them. PM me if you like?...


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