OEM RS4 Grille on S4 B9


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I am looking to install an OEM genuine RS4 B9 front grille on my 2018 S4 B9.
The part number is 8W0853653AT.
Can someone confirm it is compatible ?

Also it looks like there is a license plate holder required.
Does someone have the part number?


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I’ve looked at doing the same on my S5 (B9) and from what I’ve seen online it isn’t possible to fit an OEM Grille without some major modification. Seems to be a lot easier and cheaper to buy a Chinese replica.

Only issue is they don’t seem to have managed to get the front camera sorted which is an issue having it spec’d on my car. Normal front parking sensors are fine though.


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I am lucky because I don't have the front camera.

Which third party model would you recommend? There are so many available.


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If you have the latest front impact system that's built into the foam bar, this needs modifying to fit some aftermarket grills.

Did an S5 yesterday with an RS style grill, they take quite a while to do properly & to achieve a desired look you would need black duck tape & sensors painted potentially.
My earnest advice is don't do it.
Having had an RS with the grill you covet and now having an S4 which has a more sensible grill I do not miss the RS grill one little bit.
It is extremely difficult to clean and keep clean and I am glad to see the back of it.
The other thought is why have bits and pieces of an RS on a non-RS vehicle - bit of an insult to the marque IMHO?
The S4 and S5, are great designs in their own right.