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Bing0r Jun 15, 2018

  1. Bing0r

    Bing0r Registered User

    I have just bought ODBELEVEN Pro, initially to see what i could modify. Not had a chance to try it out yet, but want to code in Alarm beep on lock.

    Have any of you had any experience with it and if so what have you coded?

    Need to find the long coding for the above, but i suppose could just use the paid APP which takes credits.
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  3. pierreluigi88

    pierreluigi88 Registered User

  4. Daniel1512

    Daniel1512 Registered User

    Odb11 will do it with a click of a button j
  5. Bing0r

    Bing0r Registered User

    Thanks @pierreluigi88 Just done it via Long Coding... as per the belowand works for the B9 RS4. I left mine as single chirp, but both Single and Double work.

    Lock/Unlock "Chirp"

    Description: For Q7 (4M) cars in the USA, when you lock the car, you will hear a single or double "chirp" (from a second sounder, not the horn). This is a good audible confirmation that the car is locked. This coding enables lock chirp on Non-USA cars but also enables an "unlock" chirp if/when the car is unlocked.
    Notes: There are many options to configure including how long the chirps are, whether you want single or double chirps for lock/unlock as well as updating the indicator flashes to match the number of chirps. There is both Long Coding & Adaption Changes for this modification.
    Usage: Once coded it will work immediately on lock/unlock. In addition, if you lock the car (if you have Advanced Key) using the padlock button on the trunk, the chirp will sound when the trunk is fully engaged. You can also turn off the "Chirp" via the MMI under Car / Vehicle Settings / Central Locking
    Risk: Medium / High (Depending on number of options you change). Please note there are a lot of combinations below so please GO SLOWLY.


    Module 46 (Central Convenience)
    Long coding
    Long coding helper (VCDS)
    Byte 4
    Select/Tick "Bit 6"
    Do It

    This will enable the "Tone when Locking" option in the MMI under Car / Vehicle Settings / Central Locking

    Tone when locking option in MMI (https://1drv.ms/i/s!Ag0nrdg-XWqwgYpilndz04FUJcsWNg)



    Adaption Changes for "Chirps" when LOCKING the car:

    Module 46 (Central Convenience)
    Find channel "(2)-sounder_settings-beeptime_closing_central_locking"
    Default Value is "single_beep"
    If you want a single "chirp" when you lock the car, leave this setting as is.
    If you want a double "chirp" when you lock the car, change the value to "double_beep"
    Do It

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