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Ocean Blue Bagged A4 B7

Maxime Feb 27, 2016

  1. Maxime

    Maxime New Member

    Hi guys,

    finally time to post my story about my B7 TDI Avant Ocean Blue Pearl

    Car: Audi A4 B7 Avant
    Model: 1.9TDI
    Color: Ocean Blue Pearl
    Power: 115hp original -> 150hp chipped
    Location: Belgium

    Car is as good as full option except for Xenon headlights.

    Some pictures when i bought my car:

    Installed a few months later an AP coilover set and fitted an S Line front bumper.
    Also fitted Rotiform Nue wheels underneath the car.
    Just a few months later i decided to become an addict an bagged my car with Airlift Air suspension.
    I went with the Autopilot V2 controller.



    Last year I sold my Rotiform Nues and bought a new set of Rotiform IND. Love those wheels.
    Also notched the front up and down to get extremely low.
    Here are a few pictures just before winter.

    [​IMG]Untitled by Maxime Debaere, on Flickr




    Now doing some updates on it so more pictures coming soon with my updates :D

    The winterlist:

    - Dual exhaust
    - S line diffusor
    - Side kirts DONE
    - Painting my cupra lip and fog light grills DONE
    - Installing an Raspberry Pi in the car (for my RNS-E) ALMOST DONE
    - some wheel updates
    - RS6 grill ALMOST DONE
    - BiXenon headlights ALMOST DONE

    Stay tuned, or even better stay slammed :D
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  3. Maxime

    Maxime New Member

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  4. Maxime

    Maxime New Member

    Quick write-up about my car entertainment system i have installed.
    My headunit is a RNS-E and i wanted to keep it all OEM.
    What i've done:


    Connected a Kufatec AMI+ controller at my RNS-E so i can connect an multimedia device and a backup camera.
    I bought also an Raspberry Pi (that tiny little computer) and used a CANBUS module to put on the RPI so it can read all data out of my car and all buttons will work ( steering wheel etc.)
    Next i fitted an 4port USB Hub (high AMP one with 2,5 amp/ port ) to connect a MIFI ( that's a mobile router with LTE function) and a HDD cause the RPI doesn't give that much power.
    I also connected my Phone holder to it and made sure all cables are not visible. ( got a mountr mount. it's magnetic and it charges wireless. no more s*** with my iPhone cables :D).
    The CANBUS module starts up the RPI with the ignition of my car and properly shuts down when i turn off my car so data couldn't corrupt.
    Only problem i have is that the CANBUS itself doesn't work 100% (My car is a little bit flipping sometimes) so i disconnected it and i will look to work wit an 12V ignition to start up / shut down.
    For the buttons i will look to connect the Remote line to the RPI (saw on the internet it works)

    On the RPI, i installed openelec. An open source linux distro with Kodi (XBMC) implemented. To connect the RPI with the AMi is used a simple HDMI to AV adapter.
    Had i little struggle with the right resolution and had to fix my font cause they were not good readable on my RNS-E screen. But i found a good theme now and edited the font size and it's all perfect now.
    Putted everything away in my glovebox but need to put everything on a nice way.
    Here's a pic how it looks into my glovebox:



    Here's a video to show it's working:

    Also fitted an Backup camera. Bought a second hand camera on ebay for only 75$ and bought the Q7 handle with LED lights and resistors.
    Don't look at my dirty car. took these pics in a rush. will post some nice pics soon:



    Only thing left is to do a VIM hack on my RNS-E and code it that the Backup camera works when i put it in reverse (now i neet to set it manually on the source but i don't have a legit VCDS cable so need to wait till a guy i know has the time to do it for me
  5. Stanningtonglen

    Stanningtonglen Well-Known Member TFSI Owners Group S-line owners group Audi S4 Audi A4 quattro

    Now this i really like, that looks:hubbahubba:
  6. Maxime

    Maxime New Member

    Last weekend, I installed my custom made grill and installed my BiXenons too. Really like my face now :D

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  7. Ander3670

    Ander3670 New Member

    Anymore pics on this?
  8. Pedrödelabongo

    Pedrödelabongo York Team Phantom Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group Manual

    Bi-Xenons talk to me!

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