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Hi there. Ok so I know about these £4 resistor chips that everyone says are bogus. However I can't find any decent reviews on the obd2 plug in chips which are around £120 Mark. There are 2 companies 'proracing' and 'chippower' who both claim the plug in kit has a stored 3D map amongst other stored parameter corrections.. my question is, for alot more money and an actual plug in kit rather than just splicing into wires for resistance, are they any good?? I am still very sceptical and not sold by the idea however have interest for them if they actually work.


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I've used Blacksmoke. A good value map that isn't too aggressive.

But as above, don't use a cheap method. Either remap or superchip.


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I have used a Tunit for a number of years now, it's adjustable and you can pick them up used for not much more money.


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Hey everyone! Please! I'm new to the VW-Audi scene. I have driven it maybe a few hundred miles myself while my work truck is being fixed and now the Hazard lights blink crazy!!! I have bought and installed a new Hazard button as i searched the net for probable causes/fixes. Now when i activate the hazard button it blinks regularly when i turn it off they go twice as fast. I found that the door locks will lock but wont unlock on the driver side and when the car is running after a few min i can play with the hazard button and door locks to get them to shut off. However as soon as i open the door they go right back to crazy blinking ir regular with the button on. I have already killed my battery a few times so now I disconnect the battery when i park it for longer than five min. The fooling around with the door and hazard button is driving me crazy. I'm wondering if anyone has a fix or an idea of what I should look for or at! This weekend I plan on taking the door card out and see what i can see. Can anyone give me some guidance? I really don't want to go pay the high material cost and for mechanics to work on something that is easily remedied like swapping out the hazard switch. Please If you know or have some experience kindly pass it on. thank you

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