Obd theft?


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I've noticed a video of an a5 getting stolen last night from obd theft and numerous other a5's
Is the s3 8v just as easy ?:rage:


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I've not seen it - is this where they use it to program a new key ? Is it advanced key or all keys ?


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I suspect the A5's are slightly different as they use a key fob that is inserted into a slot to the left of the steering wheel. Therefore every A5 fob is the same, they are just coded differently. The only difference with the advance key with the A5 is that you don't have to insert the fob into the slot to start it.

Scrotes just need to break into the car, disable the alarm through the OBD port, programme a black key fob using a device connected to the OBD port, and then drive off with a newly programmed key.

Since the S3 (without advanced key) uses the old fashioned twist and go key, I imagine it isn't possible to do it this way.