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O2 Lambda sensor fault code P0130 01/01

RS3 ROCKS Feb 10, 2020

  1. RS3 ROCKS

    RS3 ROCKS steve

    Hi all just a quick post regarding advice on the fault code P0130 01/01. This was using a generic OBD II reader. I have no access to VAG Com.

    Looking online the fault code is the Lambda Sensor Bank 1 oxy sensor. I've found a handy video from an APY TT showing the removal process. This shows it as a pre cat lambda sensor. Can anyone advise on the correct part as it seems a minefield out there. Checked euro car parts and they have a miriad of different options.

    Also do I require a lambda sensor double depth modified socket or can i just use a crows foot socket?

    You tube vid is below along with euro links. My engine is an AMK 2001 210bhp


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  3. RS3 ROCKS

    RS3 ROCKS steve

    Update from original post

    Audi have quoted£223,84 for the bank 1 sensor 1 lambda sensor pre cat.

    This is well above what I can afford having spent so much on parts to keep the car running already.

    Can anyone provide the oem pt no please for an AMK so I can source a cheaper Bosch item? Audi no longer provide pt nos
  4. AGB-S3

    AGB-S3 Registered User

    All the engine sensors are bit $$ , the turbo inlet temp is £270
    as is the lateral accelerator sensor ,

    I suspect the problem is , the engine management is pre , '' sensor calibration code''
    so they need to be more accurate than the modern ones , that come with a
    calibration 'code' so can be any old junk as long as it calibrates on final test
    and the system prints out a code .

    the new pre-turbo temp sensor has detachable probe , much cheaper ..
    and of course , never miss a commercial opportunity ,
    audi Versus VW pricing still about ?

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