Number plate - Screw, or stick?

How should plates be fixed?

  • Stuck

    Votes: 21 87.5%
  • Screwed

    Votes: 3 12.5%

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Current car has them stuck on, and I think look better, but by the looks of all the cars on the dealers forecourt that’s supplying my new car, they’re screwed on

What’s everyone’s preference?

Debating wether I request they be stuck on or not


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I requested mine were stuck as it was a new car.


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It's never ever occurred to me to even consider it. I'm not fussed whether mine are screwed on, velcro'd on or held on with the salesman's chewing gum.

As long as they don't fall off I don't worry about it.


When I changed mine over yesterday I found the rear had been screwed through holes that had been drilled through the bootlid by the garage I bought the car from. :wtf: Had also stuck them down!


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Either .... as long as there is no EU flag

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I went to stick mine on last week and got some new plates without GB EU flags. The original dealer plates had been screwed on and when I went to stick the front on, screw holes are as wide as the plate but not square! One exposed to the right of the plate. Gutted. Had to put old one back on the front and use the new rear as the original was damaged. Doh!

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Do they not make it really easy to steal as they just clip on?
I dare say it is but hasn’t happened yet, they could unscrew or pull normal plate off, I don’t like screws/caps on my plates and to stick them on-my ocd with it being level and not falling off would get the better of me, plate holder does need to look half decent tho