number plate lights


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hi all ive got a number plate light gone and need to replace the bulb but ive noticed the screws are on both of them are rounded and rusty as hell and i can undo them is there any way of getting them of without drilling the screws out like say can i get at them through the boot lid or something as i dont really want to start drilling my car lol any thoughts anybody :sos:

mike foster

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If they're that bad then drilling them out (carefully ) will not damage the car.

Don't think going in through the boot lid will help

Good luck


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the replacement bulb holder comes complete with new plastic defuser/ bulb holder and festoon bulb and new screws. ive replaced them before on my other car (vw passat) water gets inside ans rust away
i drill a hole in the middle of the plastic defuser and brake small bits away with long nose pliers untill i can put my pliers around the screw head,( give it a good squirt of WD-40 spray first and it should come out ok then a simle job to put new bulb unit in.
ps as i remember on my passat the new water seal gasket for new holder is a separate part - you'll need this to stop the water getting in.




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Cheers for the part numbers Scott.

Been needing to replace mine for ages and never got round to it :)

You jut made it a damn site easier !!