Number Plate Light Bulb


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Guys does anyone know what type of bulb is in the number plate light? I have an error on DIS which says it gone but don't have the manual to hand and wanted to get one on the way home from work.


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Is DIS supposed to tell you when a bulb is blown ?
My rear numerplate bulb blew a few weeks back,but it took a mate to tell me.
So how come my fecking DIS didn't do it's fecking job ???

As I mentioned on here at the time,replacing it is a right pain.
The Phillips screw on the cover is heavily angled towards the tailgate.
I had to try all manner of stubby screwdrivers before I found one that 'sort of' fitted.
Then it was a case of trying to do it gently,without rounding the screw.

BTW,can't remember what kind of bulb it was,sorry !


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I'm going through a stage of having every bulb going in my car, 1st it was the brake lights and now its the numberplate light. But yes my DIS has told me everytime without fail.