[Nov 21, 2015] TeamSport Karting Leeds - CHARITY Karting Event for Ben (Leeds)


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Right then guys and girls,

Following a cry for help for the son of a fellow ASN member @Garth_S3 we are holding a charity karting event to help raise money for young Ben.

More about Ben's story can be found here:



This fantastic event not only helps towards a good cause but allows us proper petrolheads to enjoy lots of adrenaline fuelled fun on the track!

It doesn't matter if you are a complete novice, semi-pro or have never been before. A full driver briefing will be given before we are left to burn some rubber on track.

So, here's the score:

We will be doing what TeamSport brand as 'IRON MAN 40' this is broken down below;

*Full driver briefing
*10 min qualifying
*40 min race

This allows us to make the most of the time on the track and ensures all drivers get fair and equal usage rather than eliminated and be forced to watch instead.

We need 16 drivers to secure exclusive access of the track so get your names down ASAP.


£50 Per Driver
*£5.00 of this will be going to Ben's charity to get him the help that his family are so desperately searching for.


Payment will need to be paid to myself directly via PayPal gift (friends/family) - NO FEES.

*****Please PM me for further details on PayPal payment****

Deadline for payment is Tuesday 27th October (1 week from today) - This is because we need to pay a deposit to TeamSport for the reservation to be finalised.

Unfortunately, payment upon arrival is NOT accepted at this event and is therefore important that ALL payments are received before 27th October.

TeamSport Karting (Leeds)
S Accommodation Road,
West Yorkshire,
LS10 1NQ


Saturday 21st November 2015

10am arrival

Due to the popularity of our centres, TeamSport Indoor Karting runs a very tight schedule so as to accommodate as many drivers as possible. It is, therefore, very important that your drivers arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled start time. Any drivers arriving after the safety briefing has started may not be allowed to race.

Website links:




Before you arrive

All drivers for our adults karts (aged 14 years +) must have an inside leg length of 29 inches respectively measured from the crotch to the base of the heel of the shoe.

All drivers under the age of 16 years old, must be signed in by an accompanying Adult upon arrival over the age of 18.

We recommend drivers wear soft shoes. Trainers are ideal, open toe footwear and high heels are not allowed! Race suits, helmets and gloves are all provided, in a variety of sizes. Please note that drivers who bring their own helmets should be aware that we only accept class A and B helmets, with an appropriate full face visor.

Spectators are very welcome, at no extra charge. We also welcome support gimmicks such as klaxon horns, banners, flags etc – all adding to the fun atmosphere!

Health & Safety

Go-Karting is not recommended for persons with heart problems, epilepsy or other conditions which may be affected by exertion. Particularly tall, short or heavier drivers may have problems fitting into the karts. We recommend a maximum height of 6’4” and a maximum weight of 18 stone.

You will not be allowed to take part in an event if you have, or appear to have, consumed such substances. Under no circumstances are alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances allowed on the premises.

From 2nd November 2015 you will need to wear a balaclava under your helmet whilst racing. You can purchase a disposable balaclava from us when you arrive for just 50p a reusable cotton balaclava for £3.50 or bring your own. We've made this change as a result of your feedback to improve your race experience with us.


Our Fuel Bar can provide an excellent range of pre-booked food and beverages. Please see the available food options at www.team-sport.co.uk/driver-area/catering/ or call the central booking line for details. Please note that for Health and Safety reasons only food and drink purchased on the premises may be consumed on the premises.

Important information, terms and conditions can be found at http://www.team-sport.co.uk/disclaimer
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Fantastic, well done Shaun!
I'll be there, probably with my wife and Ben :)
If we get too many people wanting to go, I'll give up my place driving and just attend to cheer you all on and thank you in person.
No problem at all buddy.

Would it just be yourself driving yes?


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Damn!! I unfortunately can't make that day - sorry guys! I hope you have fun (pics please!!!)

I will still obviously make a donation to the cause :)


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Now to start gathering some raffle prizes for some lucky buggers to win!

All proceeds to go towards little Ben's fundraising.


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Shaun, any clues on the raffle prize, or will it remain a secret?
We might drum up some more punters if we reveal all :D
TeamSport have kindly donated a raffle prize, Sandra is on with some ASN goodies and we are in talks with a few other companies too...

Definitely a raffle id like to be in lol



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so what happens if we cant get 16 drivers then shaun
We can still drive but there may be drivers from other groups join us on the track...

not too much an issue as we can still work out from our own group who wins etc


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payment deadline extended to Friday.

Nobody else want to come to this charity fundraiser event?



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Spaces filling up now guys, only 4 spaces left.

Get your names down asap.



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I'm totally gutted... I can't attend now, so I don't think you will get to meet Ben :-(
I've just been told that my scheduled foot operation is at 8am on the 21st. Talk about ****** timing. I'm going to try to talk my wife in to driving me straight from the hospital after the op, so at least I can be there with Ben. It will depend on how groggy I am from the general anaesthetic and how soon afterwards the surgeon will let me leave.

I'll send someone else in my place to drive since I have already paid.
Not happy at all.