Not sure i could do this to my s3!

Not my cup of tea but i bet it gives people a massive shock....
I was told if I had nothing nice to say :shutup2:
So I'm saying nothing...
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I've never understood why some people intentionally make their car into a bag of ****. But then again, he has a "skull" for a gear shifter so clearly has no taste.
Least no one will ever want to nick it plus it would look better with a supermarket ding or scratch on it lol
I was expecting a V8 transplant to be revealed, but the mong has just put a stooped badge on the bonnet :/

Ive seen this done on a golf mk2 which actually looked great, but the rust effect looks very fake on that A3
I admire the way he's made the plastic bumpers & trim look like rusty old iron, but I wouldn't want to be seen driving it.
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What utter crap. Rat-look works on old campers, Beetles, Mk1/2 Golfs, Derby's etc. That's the point, not a car less than 10 years old?!
I noticed the bonnet too as my car is the same . seems the previous owner didn`t get round to finishing the conversion !