not really related directly to Audi S3 but Turbos potential implementation

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So nothing to do with my car - but a question regarding potentially upgrading any car, and to increase my knowledge.

I read someone's cool thread on here where they put a 3.2 A3 Quattro Engine in their S3 and then also added the K04 Turbo from their old engine?

is it as simple as putting a turbo into a normal car and instead of the air box going to the throttle body the turbo goes onto the exhaust and all the piping, intercooler and gubbins chucked under the bonnet between the air box and throttle body - then get an expert to remap the car to understand the extra air? or is it far more complicated than that - I know what it does and generally how it works - but cant get my head around how an engine might expect 10 (somethings of air) but suddenly there are 30 (somethings of air) and it still operates.

In the old days with Carbs - didn't some clever people add Turbos themselves to any cars - but I don't recall escort mark 2's with ad-hoc turbos fitted flying around Bedford one way system , we just pretended ;-)

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Quite a bit more complex then that! For starters you'll want a boost solenoid to control the wastegate so that the turbo works optimally throughout the Rev range. With a turbo build exhaust gas temperature is critical too, so you'd want an EGT probe in there.

Hardware wise, you'd be needing new exhaust manifold, downpipe, oil feed to the turbo, oil return, coolant feed, coolant return, pipework via an intercooler to the throttle body, a dump/diverter valve of some description, a MAP sensor to read boost levels to the throttle body.

With all that id be surprised if it wasn't favourable to go to a stand-alone ECU as I doubt the standard one could handle it!


You can get kits for the 3.2 to turbo charge them, a couple of TT guys have them, problem is, it's a full kit but still the ones I've seen have had major issues and have been back and forth with tuners and manufacturers costing ££££'s!

Doable, but neither cheap nor easy!