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Not quite new newbie

S4cabriolet Jul 10, 2018

  1. S4cabriolet

    S4cabriolet Member Team Dolphin Grey Team V8 Gold Supporter Audi S4 Audi A4 quattro Audi Cabriolet Owner Group DSG

    Hello everyone,

    (Reposted from Welcome Section)

    Changed my user name from A4cabrio to this one because I’ve acquired a 2008 model S4 cabriolet today!
    It’s in pretty good condition with 70k on the clock. Last few years not driven much by the previous owner but regularly serviced by a Porsche specialist. I should like to keep it for as long as I can, as it drives beautifully.

    Apart from a valet and detail, what would you recommend for upgrades/modifications from cheap to not so cheap?
    The car needs a new glove box hinge, the aftermarket Pioneer stereo is rubbish, and I’m going to get remote hood opening/closing, as I did on my A4 V6 cab.
    I’m thinking on the lines of upgraded suspension bushes, engine mounts, anti-roll bars, a modest remap, and free flow air induction.

    Any suggestions gratefully received.

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  3. Darrenkellum

    Darrenkellum Active Member

    What extras is she already equipped with? I'd do some retrofits if some things missing.

    On my S4 cab i started with

    Coming home leaving home lights (without windscreen sensor)

    Cruise control

    Electric folding mirrors

    RS4 pedals

    VW Passat spray windscreen washers

    Smart Top roof module

    Bluetooth module (non-oem) for phone to RNSE connection

    LED side lights and DRLs

    Updated fog bulbs to whiter colour

    Other things could be
    Auto headlights
    Memory seats (I've tried this but failed so far, written some treads on it)

    Keep the updates coming! PM if you need any help on the above or part numbers etc as I may still have some.

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  4. petetheprop

    petetheprop Phantom Black S4 Cabriolet

    Hi S4Cabriolet, welcome, sounds like we have had a similar Audi journey. I upgraded my 3.2V6 cab to an S4 last year (only just sold the 3.2 two weeks ago).
    In terms of upgrades, I'd agree with Darren above and go for some OEM retrofits. Mine had most of those listed already, but I've added RS4 pedal covers and R8/911 engine bay caps for a bit of bling. I'll be looking to upgrade my drls when I swap out my flickering xenons and swapping the grill since its fiddly without taking the bumper off. I've also got cruise control, aux in and a smarttop module to fit this summer and will be looking into fitting memory seats at some point to.

    Main things I have done so far are:
    I've upgraded the rear ARB with a 034 Motorsport stiffer ARB

    I've also upgraded the air intake to a EVO motorsports cold air kit.

    Upgraded the exhaust to a cat back Milltek non-resonated system

    I've also had a "stage 1" remap from Regaltuning via ebay (using a self remap module to download the file and send it to them for editing and reflash it).

    The exhaust is a go0d improvement, not really sure it adds any performance but the sound is much better I always felt the stock one is too subtle in a cab, fine for a refined exec car but part of the fun of a cab is the noise!
    The air intake, I'm yet to put enough miles on to decide if it's worth it.
    The remap improves the driveability and pick up but I was not blown away by it. I'd read a bunch of reviews of various maps and everyone seemed to say what a difference it made regardless of which company it was from. There are not huge gains to be made via remapping on the naturally aspirated V8. If/when I have the chance again I would probably splash out the extra for the JHM tune from the states which by all accounts is the most developed map out there.

    Next up I have a set of Brembo 18z 6 pot calipers to fit and 345mm cross drilled discs, Hel braided brake lines and a set of 19" bbs split rims.

    Other things on my wishlist -
    Replace all the suspension bushes/arms. Upgrade the suspension possibly to coilovers or maybe just decent lowering springs and quality shocks. Replace front snub mount with an apikol or APR poly one, maybe some other mounts too.
    A few bits of styling stuff like RS4/RS6 front grill, mesh the fog lights to match. Side/sill skirts, front lip and rear diffuser.
    Modify the inlet manifold and add some phenolic spacers.
    And finally when the clutch goes I'll look to replace the flywheel with a lightened unit, replace the pulleys with lightweight ones, replace the exhaust manifold with a tubular one, RS4 secondary cats and full 2.5inch exhaust and change the remap to the JHM one. Oh and replace all the chains tensioners etc .

    Other things that can be done include limited slip rear diff, but I'm not sure it's necessary for road use, and the mega expensive supercharger kit which again whilst it is a cool bit of modding for the same money I'd be looking at something different.
  5. Darrenkellum

    Darrenkellum Active Member

    Oh and I forgot, adding a Cupra front lip is a quick cheap addition as well.

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  6. S4cabriolet

    S4cabriolet Member Team Dolphin Grey Team V8 Gold Supporter Audi S4 Audi A4 quattro Audi Cabriolet Owner Group DSG

    Thanks so far.

    The car already has power fold wing mirrors, memory seats, cruise control, auto on headlights (xenon).
    Have bought the windscreen washers.

    As funds allow I’ll do the ARB (should I upgrade just the rear or do both?), brakes and pads, an exhaust (not Milltek), and remapping.

    Just for fun I’d like to install an engine start button (will entertain the kids)!

    My main problem is that there are so many people offering remaps I don’t know how or who to choose. They all say they are the “best” or are “experts”.

    I’m in Chichester but willing to travel.



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  7. petetheprop

    petetheprop Phantom Black S4 Cabriolet

    Only upgrade the rear arb otherwise you'll cancel out the effect if you stiffen both front and rear.

    The rs4 had a start button if you find a rs4 cab breaking should make it fairly easy and oem looking.
  8. S4cabriolet

    S4cabriolet Member Team Dolphin Grey Team V8 Gold Supporter Audi S4 Audi A4 quattro Audi Cabriolet Owner Group DSG

    Any recommendations for a top quality performance exhaust?
    (I don't want a Milltek).
    Scorpion, AWE look good, though the AWE is 2.25", I'd prefer 2.5"-3".
    There are a few bespoke outfits, eg Profusion, Infinity etc.
    Advice gratefully received.

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