Not possible to order RS3/RSQ3/RSQ8 in Germany


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Jul 27, 2022
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It seems like situation isn't getting any better.

In Germany it is no longer possible order RS3/RSQ3/RSQ8, the ordering stops at 6pm.


I have taken this from Facebook but sounds pretty crazy...
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any translation at all ?

Audi Sport GmbH looks back on a successful financial year to date. From January to August, we increased sales in our home market Germany by 36.4 percent to 8,372 Audi Sport models.

The growing desire of our models is the result of your commitment and continuous further development of the products in order to offer our customers the best possible portfolio.

Can can

The continued pleasing demand for our RS models is currently also reflected in the very high order stocks and thus in the very long delivery times. This situation is made more difficult

Through the worldwide volatile supply chains.

Against this background, we are unfortunately forced to announce an early sell-off at very short notice. Affected are the Audi Sport basic models Audi RS 3, Audi RS Q3 and the Audi RS 08.

The order acceptance for the Audi RS 3 models (Sportback and sedan) will take place on 10/18/2022

(At 6:00 p.m.).

The order acceptance for the Audi RS Q3 and RS Q8 models (Sportback and SUV) becomes the

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With the fact they've announced 300 units of the RS3 Performance and 555 units of the RSQ3 10 Year Edition, its probably so they build can those.
Not sure about the RSQ8, maybe there's a special version of that coming or maybe just a low seller?
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