Not impressed with product or service.


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I'm sorry to have to leave a negative review, but I feel I have to based on the following.

I bought a set of LED Side light bulbs from the website and fitted them at the weekend. Straight out of the box I have had faults indicating a bulb is blown, but they are working.
I emailed as that is the only business email address I could find, and didn't expect a reply on Sunday but did expect my email to be picked up on Monday during working hours.
Having not received a reply I sent a PM on this forum that has not been responded to.
I then left a message on the profile page which has also been missed.
Today (Tuesday) I also left a message in this part of the forum (the sponsors own section) and that has also gone unnoticed.

At lunchtime today I did receive an email response, so I was satisfied that you were aware that I had an issue and we now had a line of communication to resolve the problem and I replied within an hour in response to your questions.

Since then there has been no reply, which I find amazing as you were clearly aware that a customer had reported an issue two days ago and you asked for more information so you would have been expecting my reply.

Having looked closer at the sponsors area I can see that many enquiries have gone un-answered or had very late replies (weeks later) making me wonder what the point is?
I assume you pay to be a sponsor of the site, and have customers asking questions about your products that are clearly looking to spend money with you, but you fail to check up and respond. ow is this good business sense?

You mention in one thread on here that you are a one man band, but on the 'contact us' page on your site you mention that to contact one of your team we should email
So do you have a team, or is it just you? You need to clarify this as I would expect a team of people to get through emails quicker and work quickly to resolve issues.

At this moment in time I am looking at other sellers for replacement bulbs, and can't be bothered to chase you any more for answers or the £10. You can keep it.

I hope others get a better product and better service than I have had, I certainly won't be returning.


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Hi Dave.

Sorry to see that you are unsatisfied with how quick I reply to your email, There is only me working at this time and I do get help now and again with work but you need to see that its not just me sat at a desk packing bulbs that i do, i work on vehicle headlights, i do lighting retrofits, I answer phone calls and questions, I have to go stand in the post office and post the orders, its a lot.

I have to plan my day doing emails and all the other tasks, I cant just sit in front of a computer and waiting for a reply as that is not going to get the work done here.

With all of our products since we have been on the forum I have always said that if your having a problem then email us which you have, as you are not satisfied then send the item back, we will cover the postage of that upto the value of £2 which is 2nd class signed for and refund the full order value including the postage back to you.

By the way you have typed this out including the message from yesterday on the other post you are making out that I am deliberately trying to avoid you which im not.

I asked the question on when the error was appearing as there is more to check , have you fitted LED DRLS at the same time? the EMT+12C that you ordered are one of the best sidelights we do, we sold 24 sets since DEC 1st of that bulb type and no reports of errors, I have been doing this long enough and where a bulb may be compatible with 1 car and in an identical car it may work fine without an error, that's not our fault nor the product you have bought.