NOT a personal issue - My Horn


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This morning I pressed my Horn and it sounded crap more of a pee than a good old beep. Anyone else had this? I'm too embarrassed to press it from now on as people will be looking around for the Trotter's 3 wheeler.

Has anyone replaced theirs or installed an after market one? Had a look on ebay but all seem like gimmick ones, compressor and musical and so on. Must see if Vag Parts can supply one too.

So if anyone has a part number please post it.


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I find winding the window down and shouting is better.


you could wire up and external speaker and play lewd sayings through it.

Like father jacks, "Feck off"


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Hi, I'm very embarrassed too. I think I'd rarther hit the cat in the road than press the horn!

What do I do when that /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/swear.gif of a boy racer cuts me up? I cannot bring my self to press it.



I think they must have very sensitive ears at Audi
Crap car alarm & horn.

Set the alarm off & people look for the reversing lorry pip the horn and the same people point & laugh /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif


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I had same problem. Took it to Audi and they told me that one of the twin horns had packed up. Replaced now great! But £120 lighter in the pocket


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Thats quiet expensive for just a horn, might look at installing a standard hella one.


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I have the Hella Supertone's on my car now.

I did have the horns replaced 3 times under warranty and then the 4th time I decided to fix it permanently myself by putting the Hella's on.

There isn't any good way to mount the horns because you need an "L" Bracket to fit them on the stock location. The Hella's only come with straight metal brackets that don't bend.

The model number is: 85114


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you would all appreciate the sound of your horns if you heard the one on the honda accord type-r, it really is the campest thing i've ever heard, it's definitely the horn of choice for the discerning investor of the pink pound.


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This was posted in another forum. Supposedly the fit using the stock location and fasteners.