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Not a case of "what have you done to your A4 B7 today", more like .....

I'm Just Rob. Oct 30, 2020

  1. I'm Just Rob.

    I'm Just Rob. Moderating or something, Staff Member Moderator Gold Supporter VCDS Map User

    What have you planned to do to your A4 B7.
    I have a few project things in the pipeline but nothing set in stone yet, but there are a few more pressing areas of the old bus that require attention ASAP.
    Currently on 86k miles and it needs a cambelt/water pump service urgently now, I've been holding back but I must get it sorted.
    Add to that I don't trust my clutch, it's working ok without any slipping etc but I have a feeling the DMF is starting to play up again, so a new clutch and DMF to add onto the todo list.

    The coolant header tank has a ruddy big split in it just above the outlet pipe, another bit on the list.

    I have noticed recently that the engine feels like its rocking sideway when you blip the throttle, I know both mounts had been leaking so I suspect they are now well past there best, two more bits on the list.

    I had not planned on doing anything with the balance shaft issues but what better opportunity than whilst I'm doing the rest, and having been sold on the mod, why not.

    The other thing is I may have another look at the cam chain/tensioner, just make sure it's behaving.
    Removing the engine will be the best route , yes a bit more involved in someways but will make doing all the individual tasks so much easier in one go.

    I think that little lot will keep the old bus going for a few more years, well hopefully it will, look after the mechanicals and that's 90% of the battle won, then all the rest is just enhancements.

    Hopefully that lot won't cost too much, labour charges can be a bit steep on some jobs , DIY route will cut down total bill by a lot of pounds.

    Right, that's my next few weeks sorted, what about you lot.
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  2. Avatar



    redVENGEANCE Registered User

    Just had my cam belt and water pump done at 88,000. Cost £360.

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  4. I'm Just Rob.

    I'm Just Rob. Moderating or something, Staff Member Moderator Gold Supporter VCDS Map User

    Engine mounts can be a bit costly though .
  5. Ricky Burrows

    Ricky Burrows Registered User

    I may need to get stiffer engine mounts after the tune being fwd it does tend to want to jump and wheel hop on a quick launch in first another 60hp may make that a tad worse lol
  6. Alex Holmes

    Alex Holmes Registered User

    Im at the same stage at the minute Rob. My bus has never really had or needed anything doing to it over its life time but now its getting to the age where things are wearing out on it.
  7. Alex Holmes

    Alex Holmes Registered User

    My list includes

    -full front suspension refresh
    -2x fromt wheel bearings replaced
    -rocker cover gasket replacement
    -new clutch and flywheel
  8. Pie-eyedpiper

    Pie-eyedpiper Registered User

    I have my washer jets to change (thanks Rob).
    Wheels to swap to pre-painted Stuttgart grey 5 spoke S lines.
    Mudflaps to fit.
    Pedal rubbers to change to RS ones.
    Bosch wiper blades to fit.
    320 mm front brake discs and calipers to fit. (thanks BobbyTea).
    Arm rest lid to swap over.
    Flip up cigarette lighter to fit.

    Been think about a swirl flap delete, but after EGR valve removal wondering if it's worthwhile.

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