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North East - VAG Cars 'Royal Round Up' Local Meeting - The Windmill - 20th June

Matty! Jun 17, 2012

  1. Matty!

    Matty! Member

    Finally we have some good weather, so after the successful turn out at the last meeting (75+ members) we've decided to host another meeting and this time were hoping to break the record once again...!

    The next VAG Cars meeting will be held at the The Windmill and will take place on Wednesday 20th June; it will be kicking off at the usual time of 19:00. Royal Round Up is to embrace in the light, warm nights and the Queens 60th Jubilee.

    The Windmill is situated on the southbound carriage way of the A19, 300 meters up from the OK Diner. Its serves food, drink and snacks and has a large flat tarmac car park which plenty of space for all of us to park next to each other, which will also give some great photo opportunities.

    If you're coming straight from work and are feeling slightly peckish, please give the restaurant a try; a large parmo, chips and dip is only £5.00. Remember The Windmill is happy to let us use their premises for meetings, but at the same time it would be nice if we show our appreciation and help them make a little money as after all, its a business too.

    The address for those who don't quite know where it is, is as follows;

    The Windmill
    Dalton Piercy
    TS27 3HN

    Hope you can make this, as mentioned above the large car park offers some great photo opportunities so bring a camera!



    1. Craig
    2. Matty
    3. Higgins
    4. Scott-O
    5. Big Wilko
    6. Big Ben
    7. R1C
    8. Paul (day after he gets the snip)
    9. DanH001123467
    10. Mattyattitude
    11. Bailey
    12. Ashley
    13. Clarky
    14. Iain
    15. Ice-Works
    16. Robo
    17. Liam
    18. S555HYY
    19. Dixonh
    20. Adam_vw
    21. super_electric
    22. polopete
    23. S33ry_M
    24. Little Wilko
    25. Kurt
    26. Yellow TT
    27. Bigzappafan
    28. Carl2k7
    29. SM Kurt
    30. Johnnymc
    31. Davevw67
    32. Chin
    33. Steel91
    34. MarkymarkTT
    35. DaveVW76
    36. Ted Vegas
    37. Toady
    38. Jools
    39. Liam1122
    40. revodan20vt
    41. Georgen
    42. danbinty
    43. Chaz_18
    44. sam
    45. mozzapologti
    46. Calyx
    47. DanielJames
    48. Mocky
    49. maxitrol
  2. bagey

    bagey aud you do !

    why always wednesdays ? surely you would get the biggest turnout at a weekend ?
  3. Matty!

    Matty! Member

    Because it works, on weekends most people have other things to be doing (Myself included) such as working on a house/car/motorbike/girlfriend ect.

    After work the majority of people have nothing better to do. Plus around teeside Wednesday night is when people meet at Teeside Park too.

    We have meets on weekends too, occasionally.

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