none official trip to the grune holle (nurburgring for the virgins!)


single and skint? how? oh cars!!!
right where do i start?

i spoke to N8 first and mentioned that im heading up a trip to the ring on the 28th july until 1st august. we would be driving over on the night of 28th and driving back first ting 1st.

he said to give people on here a shout you are all welcome.

so far there is about 8 cars going.

its a no pressure visit if you want to travel over a day earlier or later either side of the trip go for it. im here to help anyone thats never been before.

on that weekend the german vln. (similar to touring cars) is on on the saturday. so with the people im taking over im planning on showing them the local area and things around the ring on the friday, going out friday night, watching the vln on the saturday. (only costs 12 euros on the day!) then drive the nordschliefe on the sunday.

like i said above anyone is welcome.