Q7 Nokian z-Line SUV Tires For 2013 Q7

Nick S

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Hello all,

I just purchased a 2013 Q7 3.0 TDI, and I am looking to replace the tires on it and go with a high performance option for the summer months. I have the 21" wheels, so tire size is 295/35R21. I was wondering if anyone had tried these Nokian z-Line SUV tires out on their Q7's?



I am familiar with the Nokian winter line, but I have not ever run a summer tire from their brand. Their winter tires are amazing, however. I was hoping for some feedback and advice if anyone had any on the z-Line SUV. Nokian's site breaks down some technical aspects, but you can only tell so much from a company release. First hand knowledge is always nice to hear. I do see they carry a 400 rating for the treadwear component of the UTQG rating, so it seems that they will last a pretty decent amount of time for a performance tire. I also found them at $230/tire, and for a performance tire in this size, that seems to be an extremely good price point, so I am pretty happy with that as well. Michelin's and others in that size are substantially more expensive.

I really appreciate any feedback or experience anyone can provide. I am hoping to have a set ordered one way or the other within a week or so. Thanks!