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Nokia kit integrated into interior light

Daniel M Oct 6, 2018

  1. Daniel M

    Daniel M Active Member

    I picked up my new (to me) S3 last night and this morning I was having a fiddle about inside an noticed a nokia button type thing on the front interior light unit.

    Me being a dumb *** thought it was just stuck on the unit as an aftermarket item however when I’ve pulled it I’ve broken it off and realised it’s integrated into the unit.

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement? Or do these only work with nokia phones?

    I will try an put a photo up later if required.

    Feel like a right ****
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  3. tcg

    tcg Well-Known Member

    Join the club :yes:

    Welcome to the rollercoaster mate,you'll find a lot of parts on a S3 break when you try to remove them.

    You're not the first,or the last...

    Once you get a picture of the offending item I'm sure someone will be able to help.
  4. Daniel M

    Daniel M Active Member

    Pictures now added. On closer inspection an judging by the rough cutting out it appears this has been fitted into the light unit by a previous owner.

    I think just a new light or light cover is the answer?

    290E0FCD-0EA8-4B0A-BA18-D4936AF17164.jpeg 0EB4BEC8-2921-4661-8778-F3D23A1FFD33.jpeg
  5. S3AMJ

    S3AMJ OEM+ Team Brilliant Black Audi S3

    That’s definitely been retrofitted, I’ve not seen anything like it before... I’m guessing it’s a microphone? You can pick up sand hand replacement light trims on eBay easy enough

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