Noise when in d ( idle )


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afternoon everyone.

Just after some guidance since this is my first s tronic bear box so I don’t know what’s normal and what’s not.

I’ve noticed if I’m idle and I put car into d or r there’s a distinct noise. It only happens when put into d or r. I’ve got a small video and I hope you can hear what I can ( video just picks it up )

In the video it’s around 4 seconds in it changes and you hear the noise. Hopefully this is normal

Cars a 2.0tdi 190 s tronic.

Helps in the video if you turn the volume down a tad otherwise the diesel noise overwhelms everything else




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all I can hear is the horrific sound of a Diesel engine.

Yeah I thought that would be the case. Only reason I think I can hear it in the video is because I know what I’m looking for. Never mind I’ll get a tech to have a look next week some time

Around the 4th second mark there’s a noise that appears when I engage d. It’s like a very faint rattle squeak ( hard to explain tbh )


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Just a quick update I called at Audi today to let one of the tech guys have a listen to the shift noise and he could hear it when shifting between drive and reverse, they have arranged to book it in for further investigation so I’ll let you know what they say.


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Only time you should hear any noise is when putting into reverse. Can be a slight clunk especially if you don’t come to a complete standstill. It’s a DCT box. Totally normal if you ask me.


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I’ve noticed a noise when the box is going down the gears. It’s mostly when cold it’s like a constant fog horn noise for a second or 2.

Is this normal ??


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Hello Toonsoldier91,
I have the exact same noise when I put the lever on D or R at idle : 2l tdi 190 Skoda Superb from 2019 with 125000km. I know this post is old but do you have some more information regarding the origin of this noise ?
Regards, Sylvain