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Noise on acceleration when cold

bobby_s3 Oct 31, 2017

  1. bobby_s3

    bobby_s3 Active Member

    So this is something I don't usually do, as I let the engine warm up properly. But I accidentally pressed the throttle a bit to much on start up and heard this weird noise, so I proceeded to do it again. The noise continued.

    Sounds like something grinding, I manage to get a quick video - but won't let me upload it from my phone!

    The noise then disappears once it's off choke?

    But when I rev the car once off choke, once the revs have settled back down there's this little pop in/under the airbox

    I did notice my cold air feed was missing it's cover, so I have ordered that from Audi.

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  3. Leevr

    Leevr Well-Known Member Audi S3 Porsche Viper Green

    Rs3 runs a two stage timing chain tension. Low pressure and high pressure. Dependent on engine temp. If it grinds and rattles on start up it could need an ecu update which starts the car on the high pressure system eliminating rattles and grinding. Just a thought.

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