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No Sound, Bose/ Symphony II, A4 B7

ninthtoe Mar 9, 2020

  1. ninthtoe

    ninthtoe Registered User

    Would really appreciate guidance.
    Audi A4 Avant S-line 2007 with original Symphony II and Bose sub/amp in boot
    Has always worked fine with Dennison gateway in it for years with 3.5mm jack input
    Today I added a bluetooth input to that 3.5mm jack and it worked FINE, I slide it back in then I realised I had left the little extraction keys in and could get one out so had to take it out of the dash again (I hate those fiddly things!)
    I slide it back in a final time AND ... no sound. Radio is "live" and lights are on seems to be FM/AM and go to radio presets but no reaction to volume button. So im thinking I loosened a wire to the amp?
    But I have checked everything, unplugged. re-plugged, and taken the radio fuse out and in again,
    I have reverted back to the original leads only (not bluetooth/gateway) but radio acts as if it has no amp (or aerial) attached
    Feels like a fuse has blown/ amp is dead?
    ** Q: Is there a separate fuse for the Bose amp in the back - I cant find it?
    Any suggestions as to what to check, very frustrating as this was working fine before I ? pulled a wire out? but cant see what I've done wrong, now got no sound at all!
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  3. ninthtoe

    ninthtoe Registered User

    replaced the Bose amp, no improvement. disappointed that this forum doesnt appear very active.

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