no rear washer


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since iv had my s3 the rear washer hasnt worked. the pump runs but no water checked the jet an its not blocked. is there a common place to look for split pipes as theres no water under my car so im worried it might be filling up in my car. anywhere i should check??


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open the tailgate & see if water runs out of that


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Also , I had the tailgate split pipe. But the main culprit for me was the drivers side front wing where there is a joint that had come apart and was persistently leaking out. This was bumper off and a pig to fix but do-able. Just got some replacement 4mm I'd silicone hose and clips and new joint.



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It can also leak underneath the subwoofer so check if the underlay around the rear wheelarch is wet inside the passenger side cubbyhole in the boot


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thanks guys somthing to do tomorrow lol. i had it on my old golf and the pipe came apart inside the roof lining made a bit off a mess before i found where the pipe was leaking from so hope not to find any my sub swiming or somthing like that lol


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that's uncanny- that's exactly what's just happened to me!

Except I've got water ******* out of the passenger side rear of the car underneath (right underneath the subwoofer)

What's the best way to handle this AndyMac?? -have I got to take the whole interior rear panel off, or can I take the subwoofer out in situ? Autochanger first?



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The pipe sits behind the sub. Since I don't use them I took the cd changer and sub completely out! Trims all had to come out