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No rear door speakers

Solo12 Aug 4, 2014

  1. Solo12

    Solo12 New Member

    I have bought an A3 2011 8PO
    I didn't realise for a little while the sound system is really basic only front door speakers,
    I would like to fit rear door speakers and base as in a standard model but i have no idea about running new cables as non exist at the moment, I know there should be a base speaker fitted maybe in boot area,
    can anyone give me some info on what i need??
  2. Zak0123

    Zak0123 Active Member

    My 8P only has front door speakers too. I don't think you'll find a sub in the boot as it's the basic system (someone correct me if I'm wrong). I fitted an aftermarket HU, sub and upgraded the front speakers in mine. Still none in the back and sounds great!
  3. andyz

    andyz New Member

    Hi Zak, mine is the same front and nothing else. Just wondered what setup you went for and the approx cost. The drivers door speaker doesn't work at the moment I think due to a wire snapped in the rubber boot when the door closes, So I either need to buy a new harness and thread that through, fix the existing snapped wire or cable a new setup to new aftermarket equipement.

    Any thoughts on this would be most welcome.


  4. Zak0123

    Zak0123 Active Member

    Hi Andy,

    Ok so rough calculations if my memory is right!

    AppRadio 2 ~£300
    JL Audio front components £80
    JL Audio amp 2nd hand ~£50
    Infinity Sub ~£80
    Sub box ~£30
    Wiring ~£15
    Adapters ~£50

    I think thats about right? Very pleased with the setup and it definitely didn't cost a bomb! :thumbs up:

    See if you can find the source of the speaker problem, I didn't replace the speaker wires as it does seem like a pain to thread them through!

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