No radio after Ripspeed head unit fitted


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I have fitted a Ripspeed DVD player to my 2003 A4 convertible, so that I could use SD cards for music storage and so that my son could watch his DVDs. Since then my radio does not pick up any station whatsoever. The antenna connection fits into the rear of the head unit as it should. The Audi Concert stereo used to have great radio reception picking up even the small local stations. Is there anything I have done or is there a common fault after fitting an aftermarket head unit?

thanks in advance, Dean
You may need to fit a powered antenna booster. My radio reception was rubbish after changing the head unit. I assume the original unit had an internal booster.


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There's an amplifier fitted in the rear of the car that expects to get +12V on the antenna cable, all you need is an adapter that injects 12V (e.g. from the amp enable signal) onto then antenna lead.