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No Map Updates for A7 if you don't have Nav +

Leebroath Jun 11, 2018

  1. Leebroath

    Leebroath Active Member

    Just called Audi Customer Services inquiring about adding my car to 'MyAudi'

    Which I have now managed to do, but I also asked about my free map updates

    I have been told because my Car does not have the Navigation Plus there are no free map updates at all and the customer has to pay, it can then be installed using either a CD or SD card.

    Was so sure if you had MMi and the maps you got 5 updates free

    I really can't understand why Audi are trying to charge all this money for updates when there are plenty of well known portable Satnav units which have lifetime Map updates for a fraction of the cost. Surely its a massive mark up and they could very well be selling the updates for a fraction of the cost :(

    There goes my free map update which I thought I could download...
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2018
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  3. pxr5

    pxr5 Active Member Team Mythos TDi A7 Owner Group Black Edition quattro S-line owners group

    Thats't unfortunate. Yes, the free map updates are only for the Nav Plus on the Tech Pack which can be downloaded from MyAudi - I've done mine a couple of times.

    Don't be tempted to by a dodgy map update from ebay or the like. Those things can brick an MMI at a cost of thousands to repair. You could ask an Audi dealer if they have any updates on offer - you never know. I think they cost about £250 normally.
  4. Leebroath

    Leebroath Active Member

    Wow! £250 to update the Map when you could buy a Tomtom with lifetime Map and Traffic updates for around the same price or less

    Honestly think Audi shouldn't be charging so much for just a Map update...
  5. Ssteve

    Ssteve Member

    I've just had my second map update, I think the last one was 2018-2019 both FOC over the air.

    In my 5 Series I had to pay so I was surprised they were free with Audi
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  6. Leebroath

    Leebroath Active Member

    I’m just surprised at how much they charge for them
  7. treborh

    treborh Member

    Is this for brand new cars to get the updates and is it needed if you’re running google maps?

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