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  1. tazzy baby

    tazzy baby Welsh & Proud

    @sidibear trust me cops give as good as they get round her lol sorry you had a bad visit when you came here we aint all like like that just a small number of yobs who wanna be gangsta lol. lesson learned on the mot first and last time i forget, passed as soon i i found out i didnt have any with flying colours :)

    @Welly i like the way you think got a photo of him and been asking round but nothing yet if i did catch him it would be a ( in the car boot job to the middle of know where ) hyperthetically speaking of course lol and sorry to hear about yours getting hit by the way i should think my self luck that it wont cost me that much
  2. sidibear

    sidibear Looking for Zombies !! Staff Member Moderator Audi A4

    @Tazzy, I don't suppose its worth searching facebook for people in Merthyr to see if theres a match......
  3. tazzy baby

    tazzy baby Welsh & Proud

    Thats an idea cheers butty i didnt think of that il try it now
  4. 10blazin


    that the police for you paying to be shafted as usual ......
  5. fizz

    fizz Member

    Same story mate, innocent get shafted, while the ****** that break the law get away with it, if only the law was that simple, more often than not, the law is too nice in this country. As for the MOT, like you said you were on a private car park. I would have thought you would have been given the benefit of the doubt, assuming you didnt have any previous offences.
  6. richleek

    richleek New Member

    Its a bit sad really the perception that people have about the police. It all comes down to knowledge and by that I mean knowledge of what the police 'service' can, can't, should or shouldn't do. Can I add that we used to have a police force.
    It is impossible and pointless to even try and explain whats involved day to day. If your really interested and want a superb read then there are a couple of books about wasting police time out there. Anybody 'job' in here will know exactly what I'm talking about!
    Anyway, Tazzy if you feel genuinely agrieved by the 'service' then complain. There are procedures in place which do work and incidents of complaint are investigated but not all resolved.
    Grin I agree the corruption comment was a bit harsh but the rest is bang on. Think of how many times the wheel has been re-invented and all those things that weren't broken and worked really well have been fixed.
  7. Dazmo

    Dazmo Active Member

    The last t**t that hit me would'nt give me his details and he made out he could'nt remember his address, he had no wallet or i.d on him and didnt even have a phone.

    So i followed him back to his house to get his phone and he called his brother who told me he had just moved in with him and thats why he didnt know the address.

    Eventually i got the details i needed (inlcluding photos at the scene), i did'nt give the guy an inch, trust no one!
  8. A3Tom

    A3Tom Smell my finger.

    I agree :)

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