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No electric windows

GDCAUDIA4B7 Jul 24, 2020


    GDCAUDIA4B7 Active Member

    hello everyone, I have a slight problem with my car and wondering if anyone has had something similar.
    A couple of weeks ago my drivers side window stopped working and luckily started working a couple of hours later.
    I have checked fuses, switches. I've removed the door loom and checked continuity of the loom and all good. I swap the electric motor to a friends car and it works OK and his in mines.
    I can only think it could be a relay problem but cannot find any info on what relay it could be!
    Unless the relays are built into the ECM!!!
    And none of the other switches are working.
    Any suggestions???
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  3. norad97

    norad97 Active Member

    It could be breaking wire to the door loom, the wire in the rubber boot from the door to the car can break causing loss of function
    to switches.
    You need to check the wires by clipping the boot from inside of the door and pull back.
    There are alot of wires so you need to check them carefully.
  4. Paul battams

    Paul battams Active Member VCDS Map User

    Yes wiring loom in rubber boot done an A3 and A4 in last 3 weeks like is said be careful about 7/8/9 wires inside it good luck.

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