No boost, P1547 and blowing fuse 34



Been enjoying my fresh turbocharger for a few weeks, now that I managed to cram it in but yesterday I ended up in problems.

I washed the car and then wired it to CTEK battery charger and let it do the magic while I checked what's creaking in the rear axle. Found the drop links had play. Then I proceeded to do other things, topping fluids etc. and about an hour later was ready to leave, put the ignition on and the instrument panel flashed me different lights somewhat randomly. Just like something has bad contact or a wire is skipping on a terminal cutting the connection but everything went back to normal quick. Started the car and when I drove home I noticed there was no spool sound and the car lacked oomph. It was just like a NA 1.8, no warning lights, nothing else.

This morning I went to get the codes read and P1547 came up, I measured the N75 valve but readings were between 25-30 ohms which I've lead to believe is a tell tale sign that it's maybe something else. Well, checked the fuses and number 34 was blown. Changed it and it blew again right away. Still now I haven't had any lights coming up, runs fine although without the power and the instrumentation's been a good boy too. N249 has not been connected during my time and when I got the car.

Could this be caused by a bad ground somewhere since I've also now noticed that my headlights dim the slightest bit when the brakes are applied? You really need to drive in the dark to notice it but it is there. Battery terminals, excluding the small ones, I wire brushed clean while I took the charger off. So yes, the battery's been off. Any pointers for ground spots around the automobile?

The wiring leading to the valve is yet to be checked also and any tips concerning this would be much appreciated as well! Especially directions for where it ends somewhere under the intake manifold. Looks cramped there.

Or maybe she's just asking to get cubed. :sly: